The ” thigh gap ” 

On social media, you always hear about thigh gaps. You wanna know what I think? 

My thigh touch and rub and yeah it’s okay I don’t want them to get lonely. They are simply just cuddling all day. 



I love my dog more than people 

I love my dog. As many people say: 

dog is a mans best friend

Well they are right. I love being with her. She’s a four month old collie Shepard mix. But you know what the real thing is. People suck. You could look like you went to hell and back and they don’t care. They don’t judge. You may be having a bad day and they just want to cuddle and give you kisses. You’re sick they wanna nap with you. You feel adventurous…. Yeah they are too. They just want to be by your side. What’s better than that? 

#love #beauty #judgementfree #dog #puppy #dontbullymybreed  


Love the skin you are In

everyday we are forced as women to conform to society. We have to look this way. Our boobs are big or butts are round. Blah blah blah. I think you should embrace every inch. Guess what yeah I have stretch marks. WHO CARES it’s natural I’m a women and I love my body. 

#selflove #embrace #beauty #love #natrual 

Khloe Kardashian’s Glowing Skin — Get Her Look For Under $12

Hollywood Life

L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist Sir John posted this glowing photo of Khloe Kardashian on his Instagram on July 29. Copy her look on a budget below!

Makeup artist Sir John, who also works with Beyonce, and yours truly (totes bragging, here) was in Sydney with Khloe Kardashian on July 29 and she’s never looked better! Get his top makeup tips right here!

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Let’s talk about that dread         ” time of the month”

We see commercials and ads everyday for those lady items. They make it seem that if we stick a piece of Cotton in our panties of a Cotten stick up our vaginas we are suddenly a pro boxer, gymnast,  cross fit queens ect…  


Me like I’m sure most other females want to crawl up in a ball with our favorite food and eat. Some of us may even cry. Watch a good movie and take a great nap. Who knows but I’m sure I do not want to do cross fit. 

Another thing… Why do these commercials make it seem like this wonderful experience. There is a crime scene happening from our lady part. 

Dear Kotex, 

Make a realistic commercial for us full of fuzzy blankets and sweets. 

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